Cycle Exchange – Terms

The aim of the cycle exchange is to help parents find a bike that is the correct size for their daughter, to find a new home for and recycle old bikes, and facilitate parents wishing to sell or exchange a bike.

We want your daughter to have fun on two wheels, but this is the serious bit for the grown ups! 

All bikes must be in good working condition! The minimum requirements are listed below.

  • You must be the owner of the bike
  • The frame is not cracked or buckled
  • The breaks are working
  • The gears and drive train are working
  • The wheels are straight with no missing spokes
  • The tyres are not cut or torn
  • The tyres/inner tubes are inflated and hold air pressure

Ask yourself this! Would I let my daughter go out on this bike?

The Parents Association reserve the right to refuse the donation or exchange of any bike for any reason.

How it works

Donating a Bike

Please bring your bike to the event in working condition. After an inspection of the bike, if we agree to take your bike, we will ask you to complete a cycle details form. This transfers ownership of the bike to the PA.

Bikes will be classified as standard or premium quality. Bikes will be assigned a resale value by the PA based on the bike’s original value and condition.

If your bike is registered on an insurance policy or other asset databases, please update the records accordingly.

Looking for a bike

If you have donated a bike and you find a suitable replacement of the same quality, the new bike will be transferred to you at no charge. If you donate a standard quality bike and select a new premium quality bike we will ask you to pay half of the sale price for the premium bike.

Priority will be given to those donating a bike and on a first come first served basis and we do not reserve bikes.

If you did not donate a bike, and we have bikes left at the end of the session, we will offer the remaining bikes for sale.


Owners will be asked to complete a cycle details form that includes a declaration of ownership and transfer of ownership to the Parents’ Association.

Remember, your bike will have a serial number and may have other security markings. Your bike details may be recorded on your insurance policy or registered with the UK Nation Bike Register. Please ensure that the details are checked and updated.


The Parents Association will make reasonable endeavours to check the condition of each bike donated or exchanged. All bikes are transferred “as is” and the Parents’ Association does not provide a warranty for any bike.

Private Sales

Our events also allow parents to sell a bike to another parent privately.

This is a private transaction between the parties, undertaken at your own risk. The Parents Associates shall not undertake to resolve a dispute between the parties.

Instructions on the day

We will always try to communicate to parents ahead of each exchange event and include any specific instructions for the day.

In general, you should only bring your bike to the exchange event at the time and date stated for that event. If you are unable to attend an event but would like to donate a bike beforehand, please contact us to arrange a local drop off or collection.

We reserve the right to update the terms of the Cycle Exchange Programme at any time without notice.